"A dumb website for smart people."

Who are we?

Lolhop Inc. is dedicated to uniting and entertaining gamers from all over the world. Founded by a group of brilliant teenagers, Lolhop specializes in graphic art, programming, gaming, and filmmaking. Our channels offer hilarious and immersive content , and we plan to offer authentic merchandise. The shop will include official Lolhop apparel, email addresses, and access to premium Lolhop events, such as tournaments and exclusive servers. Lolhop Inc. is dedicated to uniting and entertaining the gamers of the world.


The Lolhop team pumps out many videos, from gameplay videos to action-packed shortfilms. All of our videos are produced and edited by Voltage Films. Lolhop's entertaining gaming videos are hosted by Hoolaf, SomethingOffensive, and TazedGamer. Though most video content will be posted on the main channel (Lolhop Inc.), personal footage may be shown through the commentators' personal channels.


Lolhop Inc. hosts a variety of services and events for gamers. We offer competitions, raffles, and trade for Team Fortress. We also run a dedicated Team Fortress 2 server, which we will visit often. You can buy into certain special events, such as raffles, from a variety of vouchers available at the shop. However, many of our tournaments and sessions are free, so stay up to date on our news feed or calendar to ensure you are tuned into these great oppurtunities.